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Festivals and Events Gallery

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Steve's work can take him to many places around the world.
This gallery contains an assortment of pictures from some of the more recent trips.

Halloween Castle in Saipan - Click for a larger picture

On Page 1, You can find Pictures of castles at the Mitchell Fire and Water Festival, and the Coolum Kite Festival.

Page 2 has pictures of a sculpture done for the Town of 1770 Festival, and also pictures from the Black Head Sculpture Show.

Splendour in the grass 2005 pictures can be found on Page 3, with both night and day photo's featured.

Page 4 contains other various festival, event and promotional castles, with a sculpture for the Hervey Bay Seafood Festival, the Moore Park Festival, a Promotional Castle for the C-Moog in Byron Bay, and also a Castle made with Jenny Rossen.

More pictures of the Saipan 'Build a Castle Save a Reef' fundraiser can be found on Page 5